We all have that human family member who has an issue with the bodily function that sounds like a duck. Quite often the blame for that sound and odor is heaped on the family dog. While dogs may not be responsible for the most gas around your home, they do cause another big problem. If you have a dog you'll be able to verify this fact very quickly.

The average dog over his or her lifetime will cause over 2-thousand family fights. At first glance you're probably thinking there is no way that sweet dog can cause a fight approximately every 2.3 days.

Dogs seem to cause more discourse in the family than children or live in parents do. The reason for most of the fights? Think about it for just a minute and see how close your top of mind ideas match the real list that a survey of dog owners revealed recently.

The number one reason people fight because of a dog is who is going to watch it when the principle owners are away. I think it's harder to choose someone or someplace to leave your dog with than it is to choose a babysitter for your kid.

The next reason for ill will caused by dogs is who will walk it. Then come the fights about should the dog be allowed on the bed, the furniture, into certain rooms, and the ever popular who will be cleaning up the crap the dog leaves behind.

The Daily Mail has an entire Top 20 list of reasons that people fight about their dogs. While it's true we do have altercations because of our furry friends only 14% of dog owners say that it's the dog and not the kids that cause the most chaos in the home.

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