The circus has returned to Lafayette, Louisiana and it is in a climate control tent.

Parents are always looking for something to do with kids once they are out of school for the summer, and here's another attraction in Acadiana.

The huge tent is located on the north side of the Acadiana Mall and you can't miss the tents and campers as you dive into the parking lot from Johnston Street.

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

According to a social media post by the Acadiana Mall, Circus Delman is in Lafayette until June 3rd and tickets can be purchased online.

The show under the big tent in Lafayette features live acrobats, jugglers, the globe of death, the wheel of destiny, extreme motorcycle daredevils, and so much more.

When I drove by the huge setup in the mall parking lot I noticed the Kids Fun Zone outside of the tent, which includes a rock wall and other attractions.

So, if the kids get bored in the days ahead, here's another way to entertain them, and for more info on the circus that is set up in the mall parking lot, check out the social media post below.


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