Summertime activities are in full swing in Louisiana, and one of those favorite activities is camping. There are definitely quite a few great places around Louisiana to go camping, but which are the absolute best?

best Places To Camp In Louisiana
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People enjoy camping for a variety of reasons.

Being outdoors can be very calming and therapeutic. The simplicity of camping helps people to relax, unplug from technology, and escape the stresses of daily life.

Hiking, fishing, and exploring new areas always brings a nice sense of adventure.

Camping is a popular activity for families and friends because it offers quality time together. It encourages bonding through shared experiences, such as setting up camp, cooking meals, and participating in outdoor activities.

Whether you're camping outdoors in an RV, camper, or tent, the great outdoors is almost always just what the doctor ordered.

Approximately 48% of Louisiana is covered in forest. That leaves a whole lot of places to go camping.

Phil Nye/TSM
Phil Nye/TSM

The Best Places In Louisiana To Go Camping

Whatever you're looking for when it comes to outdoor fun, Louisiana has it.

The folks over at have put together a list of "The 9 Best Camping Spots in Louisiana" and hopefully there are some spots on this list you haven't been to or even heard of yet.

Kisatchie Ranger District, Provencal, LA - This area is located around the Longleaf Vista Recreation Area and is known for its rugged, hilly, steep terrain.

This area is often called the “Little Grand Canyon” and offers a really unique experience.

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Lake Fausse Point
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Lake Fausse Pointe State Park, St. Martinville, LA - Located on the edge of the Atchafalaya Basin, you'll find many different types of camping here.

Whether you're looking for cabins, RV spots and hookups, or tent camping, you'll find it all at Lake Fausse Pointe.

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Tunica Hills Campground, St. Francisville, LA - According to "Clark Creek Natural runs along a shallow creek trail that follows a path of breath taking waterfalls, ridges, and boulders. Tent camping is welcome, though for city dwellers there are also cabin rentals and a covered dining pavilion that has all the comforts of home such as bathrooms, showers, and BBQ grills."

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Chicot State Park
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Lake Chicot State Park, Ville Platte, LA
- At Lake Chicot, you'll find 15 deluxe and three standard cabins as well as 90 campsites that include water and electricity.

Lake Chicot also has canoe rentals, fishing, nature trails, as well as a new Louisiana State Arboretum.



Chemin-A-Haut State Park, Bastrop, LA - If you're looking for some great fishing, this is your spot. You'll find over 115 different species of fish swimming around in Bayou Bartholomew.

According to "this camping area is known as a 'natural paradise' with unspoiled beauty. During the hot summer months, campers can relax poolside, while the kids enjoy either of two playgrounds."

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Beaver Damn Louisiana
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Beaver Dam Campground, Minden, LA
- Tents, RVs, trailers are all welcome at Beaver Dam Campground.

Beaver Dam is a favorite for swimming, boating, fishing and water skiing.


Indian Creek Recreation Area, Woodworth, LA - Many say that Indian Creek has the most beautiful woods in Louisiana.

From - "It boasts 100 acres of developed recreational facilities, 200 acres of primitive camping area, and over five miles of lake views from the Indian Creek Reservoir."

You'll also find three beaches and over 100 campsites that include water, electricity, and sewerage hookups.

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