A man in Crowley, Louisiana was seen assisting an elderly woman as she attempted to cross a roadway.

The young man, who works for the City of Crowley is named Trevor, and he is seen holding the elderly woman as she steps down onto the road. As you can see in the photos here, the woman was also using a walking cane.

There's a saying in south Louisiana that we raise our kids differently here and this young man was most certainly raised the right way.

For him to stop what he was doing and assist this woman speaks volumes not only for him but for his parents too. Yes, he was raised the right way.

What a special moment and we are glad it was caught on camera. We hope photos and news like this inspire others to be nice and to assist those who need it.

Someone once told me that it doesn't cost a dime to be nice to someone, and what you see in the photos here exemplifies true Southern hospitality.

Here's another look at the young man from Crowley holding this elderly woman's hand as she attempts to cross the road.

Brent Spell
Brent Spell


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