Citizens in Houston, Texas were not happy on April 15th after they were left waiting outside the local IRS office.

According to reports, the office closed the day prior due to fights outside the office, and then on "Tax Day" the office closed early once again, leaving many outside hoping to file their taxes.

One woman who is seen sitting in a wheelchair tells a TV station that she was out there for hours hoping to get inside to file her taxes. She would go on to say that she was not playing with the IRS.

Some there drive for hours in hopes of getting assistance from the IRS to file their taxes before the April 15th deadline.

Deadline To File Taxes Looms
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Fox News reports, "The IRS also said it tried to collect the names and numbers of people who were unable to get help. It promised to offer further assistance to them throughout the week and to fully staff its offices and phone lines."

In a separate incident, some say that on "Tax Day" they could not access the H&R Block service from the their desktop computers. It was later determined that the service experienced an outage for a few short hours.

So yes, the dreaded "Tax Day" gave folks a headache for many reasons this year, and it wasn't just because it was time to report their annual income.

Here's the frustrated woman outside the IRS office in Houston, TX. I will warn you some may find the language in this video to be OFFENSIVE.

Here's another report from outside of the office in Houston as crowds waited for assistance.


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