Sometimes as parents, you find yourself having to wing it to get your kids to do what you want them to do. Bathtime and bedtime can be some of the most challenging times in your day and you have to get clever to get them to bed on time. Santa Claus is a great excuse many parents use to get their kids to behave at a restaurant or take a bath.

While we don't condone lying to your kids, we understand that there are certainly some instances that are completely justifiable. At the end of the day, we know you want what's best for them, and eating vegetables is important so telling them that they will get strong muscles from eating all their carrots is not the worst thing in the world.

We asked and you came through with some hilarious answers. Here are 8 Necessary lies Louisiana parents tell their kids.

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Necessary Lies Parents Tell Their Kids

Lying is never right but in some cases, we have to tell our kids a white lie. How many of these lies have you told your kids over the years? Or how many of these have you heard from your parents?

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