According to a report from TMZ, Aaron Carter was found dead at his home in Lancaster, CA on Saturday morning (Nov. 5).

TMZ law enforcement sources say they received a 911 call that "a male had drowned in the tub."

There is no evidence of foul play, but Carter's home is allegedly surrounded by police units and caution tape as investigators are on the scene.

Aaron Carter rose to fame in the late '90s as a pop singer, with his self-titled debut album dropping when he was only 9 years old.

Carter sold over a million of his debut albums in 1997 but tripled that number with his second project "Aaron's Party."

Soon, Carter became a regular on Nickelodeon. His older brother, Nick was a member of the insanely popular Backstreet Boys and Aaron would sometimes tour with them back during the peak of the boy band's fame.

Aaron would slowly transition to rapping in his music, adding appearances on "Dancing with the Stars" and the Broadway production "Seussical" to his resume.

He would also face demons throughout his career, dealing with "tons of legal and substance abuse issues over the years."

I spoke to KSMB morning show host and program director Bobby Novosad who interviewed Carter when he visited Lafayette back in 2017.

He was very relaxed, funny, and spoke from his heart. I had goosebumps talking to him at times. He wasn’t afraid to share his personal life on the show, whether it was good or bad. He was incredibly funny too. He gave me a 17 minute interview and it was so intense all I could do was listen.

Hear the full interview with Carter below.

Carter also performed in Lafayette that same year.

A few years back, Carter appeared on "The Doctors" and revealed just how many pills he was taking, as well as his numerous stints in and out of rehab.

Carter is survived by his son, Prince. He was 34 years old.

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