As the investigation into the murder of LSU student Allie Rice continues, Baton Rouge police say misinformation is hindering their progress.

According to Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul, rumors and misinformation are also hurting Allie's family.

Last week, Rice was found shot to death in her car off Government street. Police believe she was waiting for the train to pass on her way home after a night hanging with friends.

Unfortunately, police have little to no information when it comes to Rice's murder nor do they have a motive.

During a press conference on Thursday that addressed recent violent crime in the city of Baton Rouge, authorities said that the outside noise from "rumors" and "misinformation" is interfering with their "investigative efforts."

The family is in pain. They’re hurting and they’re mourning. I’m asking you to be respectful of that. When you put out misinformation, that hurts the family and that questions the integrity of our police officers. That interferes with our investigative efforts to find the person or persons responsible for this crime

Speaking on a rumor that a supposed eyewitness to Rice's murder made attempts to contact the police and has yet to get a callback, Lt. Kevin Heinz said that was "absolutely incorrect."

Heinz told reporters he was "highly offended" that someone would suggest his team would ignore a witness, calling the allegations "a hideous rumor."

Other misinformation that has floated around on social media was also debunked by police, including allegations that Rice was attempting to buy drugs or that her killing was part of some type of gang initiation.

We have zero indication that’s the case. If we had any indication that was the case, we would put it out there for the safety of the public. But as of right now, (based on) everything we see, I can confidently say that is not the case.

In the meantime, a fundraiser for Rice organized by her former employers at The Shed BBQ on Burbank near LSU has been raising reward money for any information that would lead to the arrest of her killer. So far, the fundraiser has surpassed the original goal of $10,000 and is currently sitting closer to 4x that amount.

As of late Thursday afternoon (Sep. 22), the total was around $37,500.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Baton Rouge Crime Stoppers at 225-344-7867

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