In what has turned into a captivating and awe-inspiring sight for many, a statue standing serenely in front of St. Mary's Catholic Church in Lafayette has become the center of attention this week after it appeared to be shedding tears.

Judy Hoffman, a local resident, was among the first to notice the extraordinary phenomenon and took to social media to share her experience with the world.

Accompanied by a poignant image, Hoffman's Facebook post quickly gained traction, recounting the words of Father Cedric Sonnier during Saturday's mass. According to Father Sonnier, the statue of the Virgin Mary, located outside the church, seemingly shed tears on a Tuesday earlier this week. Although he didn't witness the event himself, Monsignor Curtis Mallet reportedly confirmed the mysterious occurrence.

You can hear Fr. Sonnier mention the statue at the 18:55 mark.

Speaking about the significance of such a phenomenon, Father Sonnier stated that tears are often associated with sorrow, urging the congregation to direct their prayers toward healing the world and the Church. His heartfelt plea touched the hearts of those who attended the mass.

"Father Sonnier explained to us that tears are usually tears of sorrow and that we should pray for the World, and the Church. He suggested we do something more than just take a picture and walk on by," wrote Hoffman in her Facebook post.

The emotional message resonated with many who saw it, and Hoffman's post has since been shared over a thousand times. The statue, located at 419 Doucet Rd., has drawn a crowd of curious visitors and devout believers alike, eager to witness this unique and emotional display.

The comments on Hoffman's post reflected the impact of the "crying statue" on those who had seen it. Tessa Darden saw it as a divine message, stating, "That is a sign of God speaking." Pat Gervais described the experience as "moving," while Penny Guidry suggested bringing flowers to honor the statue.

Joycelyn Miller expressed her amazement, saying, "Wow, worth checking out," and Andrea Bertinot, who had visited the statue, shared her own touching experience. "It was very moving. We need to pray," she said.

Hoffman, Facebook
Judy Hoffman, Facebook

The phenomenon has sparked conversation about faith and spirituality, with people from various backgrounds finding themselves captivated by the sight. Interestingly, several Facebook users also mentioned a similar crying statue located in Milton, LA, further adding to the mystery and intrigue surrounding the Lafayette statue.

Despite differing beliefs and interpretations, the statue's presence has undoubtedly stirred emotions and sparked contemplation among residents. Whether seen as a divine sign or a symbol of the world's current state, the "crying statue" has certainly left a profound impact on the hearts of Lafayette's community.

As people continue to visit the statue to witness the emotional display, one thing remains certain - the mysterious phenomenon in front of St. Mary's church has brought people together in prayer and reflection, transcending whatever boundaries may separate us, reminding some of the power of faith in times of uncertainty.

Whether one believes it to be a sign or not, the "crying statue" has become a symbol of hope and unity in Lafayette.

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