Another restaurant has gone viral due to someone allegedly dining and dashing—but social media users say he may be a repeat offender.

A post from Nina P's Cafe in Lake Charles described an incident where a man (pictured) was reportedly guilty of walking out on his bill. As people began to comment, some people began to point out that the same person may have walked out on his bill at numerous other local restaurants as well.

Nina P's posted that the man ultimately came back to pay for his meal and apologize for walking out on the bill, but they decided to leave the post up due to the fact that Rotolo's and other restaurants have not been paid.

Numerous restaurants were named in the comments as people also shared photos of the alleged dine-and-dasher.

Read the comments and you will see how much of this is going on and how many people think its this man!!!
O’Charleys, Cancun, Calla, McFarlanes, Rotolos, Cajuns Warf The James 710 and Fat Pats are just a few we have seen mentioned in the comments.

Dining and dashing is a bad thing for several reasons.

Firstly, it is illegal and considered theft. When someone eats at a restaurant and leaves without paying, they are essentially stealing from the restaurant and the people who work there. The restaurant incurs costs for the food and services provided, and when customers don't pay, it can lead to financial losses that can affect the business and its employees.

Secondly, dining and dashing can have a negative impact on the restaurant's reputation. If a restaurant is repeatedly targeted by individuals who dine and dash, it can damage the establishment's credibility and make it more difficult for the business to attract new customers.

Nina P's Cafe, Facebook
Nina P's Cafe, Facebook

Last but not least, dining and dashing is a breach of trust between the customer and the restaurant. When a customer sits down at a restaurant and orders food, they are basically entering into an agreement to pay for that food. By leaving without paying, they are breaking that agreement and also demonstrating a lack of respect for the restaurant and its employees—especially the server who sometimes has to pick up the tab.

We saw this exact thing happen last week when social media users realized one man may have been hitting multiple crawfish restaurants with fake movie money.

Overall, dining and dashing is just flat-out unethical behavior that can have serious consequences for both the restaurant and the individuals who engage in it.

We certainly hope the other restaurants can recuperate their losses or—at a minimum—have dine-and-dashers avoid them out of fear of being blasted on social media.

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