Nearly 200 residents of Henderson, Louisiana, have found themselves stranded without local mail service for nearly a month, following the closure of the town's Contracted Postal Unit (CPU). This has hit particularly hard for those who are elderly or have mobility issues, making the journey to Breaux Bridge, the nearest alternative, a significant burden.

In a recent update to a KATC report, Congressman Clay Higgins relayed that conversations with top officials from the United States Postal Service (USPS) have been promising. Higgins, proactive in addressing the disruption, has suggested two potential remedies: the expansion of carrier routes to include the affected households and the establishment of a new CPU through private contracting within Henderson.

The USPS is actively considering a proposal for a new CPU, with a potential lessor already under review. This development, according to a statement from Higgins’ office, stands as the most viable and swift solution. "The absence of a local post office is more than an inconvenience; it's a barrier to essential services," Higgins stated. "We are committed to rectifying this situation promptly."

The Henderson Post Office, a fixture for 52 years, shut its doors permanently, much to the community's dismay. Mayor Sherbin Collette, along with state representatives, has been tirelessly seeking aid to counteract the closure, but the prospects had seemed dim.

Collette expressed his deep concern for the town's elderly residents, who now face the challenge of relying on others to collect their mail, a fundamental service. The situation also disrupts the routine operations of city hall and local businesses, forcing a cutback on essential mail-related tasks.

Exploring alternative solutions, Mayor Collette has proposed the installation of community mailboxes in Henderson Park, a last-resort measure to provide residents with a secure mail collection point. Beyond this, the mayor is also pursuing a unique zip code for Henderson, which he believes could pave the way for establishing residential mailboxes throughout the town.

According to our media partners at KATC, Senator John Kennedy's office has acknowledged the situation, stating ongoing discussions with the Postal Service and local representatives to find a satisfactory resolution for the people of Henderson.

The community of Henderson, faced with the reality of losing a vital service, now looks towards a future where their postal needs can be met once again, with officials at both the local and federal levels advocating for their cause. The hope is that the town will not only regain its postal services but also secure a permanent solution that prevents such a predicament from reoccurring.

Keep up with the latest updates at the full story via KATC.

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