With a whopping marketing budget of $145 million, the Barbie movie hype is flooding everyone's feed.  From Zara to Crocs and everything in between Barbie has managed to get every brand on board. Not only that the soundtrack has songs from Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish, and Tame Impala to name a few.  Some of these tracks have already hit the top 40 charts and the movie hasn't even come out yet. Between the product placements and hit soundtrack we can't help but be a little curious.

Lafayette Businesses Join the Barbie Movie Pre-Game

The Barbiecore trend has even made its way into locally owned businesses here in Acadiana. Adeline Clothing has cleverly teamed up with local businesses Bon Vie Macarons, Graze Acadiana, and more to participate in a creative Barbie-themed scavenger hunt to promote their upcoming warehouse sale.

Adeline Clothing Via Instagram
Adeline Clothing Via Instagram

Double Feature Ticket Sales Sky-Rocket

Something to keep in mind if you are interested in seeing the movie for yourself, theaters nationwide are running low on tickets as the premier on July 21st draws closer. Maybe you are being dragged to see the Barbie movie and are lowkey dreading it, the good news is you can join the 20,000 other people who have already purchased tickets for the double feature of The Barbie movie and Oppenheimer 

Do you have your Barbie outfit yet?

Louisiana ranks as one of the top states for Barbie-related Google searches. Specifically "Barbie Outfit" inspo. I hope you have your pink cowboy hat ready, and based on the search results analytics you probably do already. If you need more inspiration fear not because between Pinterest and Tik Tok you shouldn't have any issues finding outfits to get completely decked out in hot pink from head to toe.

Even if you weren't planning on taking the time to go to theaters to see the movie originally, with the consistent product placement and hype on social media it's hard to deny that I think we are all a little curious.

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