This is great.

A bar in New Orleans posted a hilarious message on a sign during Mardi Gras, and now many are sharing the message.

The portable sign, which was placed near the entrance to the establishment, warned people in New Orleans to behave for Mardi Gras.

New Orleans Holds Annual Mardi Gras Celebration
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For years, there has been an ongoing debate between New Orleans and Mobile, Ala. when it comes to hosting the best Mardi Gras.

Knowing that this bar played along with the rivalry and warned those who misbehave that they could end up in Mobile for carnival season.

If you're familiar with the ongoing rivalry between the two southern cities, you get it.

New Orleans Lets The Good Times Roll At Mardi Gras Celebration
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Since the sign surfaced on social media, The Upper Quarter Bar has claimed to be the one with this message.

Check out this message for all who were in New Orleans for Mardi Gras.

Here's what the bar had to say about their sign that has garnished some must attention on social media, following Mardi Gras.


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