Going on a first date can be a whirlwind of emotions. There's excitement about meeting someone new, nerves about making a good impression, and anticipation about the unknown. But amidst all these feelings, there's also the potential for a lot of fun and memorable moments.

On a podcast episode from This American Life called 'The Question Trap' the hosts are discussing the infamous "Beyoncé question" – a question one of them asks on every first date to gauge the other person's personality. It's a quirky yet insightful approach to getting to know someone.

The idea behind the Beyoncé question is simple but brilliant. By asking how someone feels about Beyoncé, you can learn a lot about their tastes, values, and even their sense of humor. Do they admire her talent and work ethic? Are they indifferent, perhaps indicating different interests? Or maybe they passionately dislike her music, which could spark an interesting conversation about musical preferences and cultural influences.

But the Beyoncé question isn't the only one floating around out there. Another person on the podcast suggests asking about belief in ghosts. It's a question that delves into someone's beliefs, superstitions, and perhaps even their openness to the unexplained.

Intrigued by this concept we asked our listeners "What question needs to be asked on every first date?" These were the top responses.

Going on a Frist Date in Louisiana? Make Sure to Ask These Questions

Questions that NEED to be asked on every first date.

Gallery Credit: Sydney Ducharme

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