New York City's rat problem has taken a turn for the comically bizarre as a Harlem resident's hilarious comparison has captured the internet's attention.

Ruth McDaniels, the charismatic president of the Harlem Street Tenants Association, found herself in the spotlight after a CBS2 interview where she described the city's rodent situation in a way that left all of us dying with laughter.

In a video that has now racked up a whopping 18 million views on TikTok, McDaniels unleashed her unfiltered commentary on the ongoing rat debacle. What might have been a typical boring news interview turned into an instant classic as she likened the rodents to Crocs footwear.

Viewers were quick to express their delight in the comment section. One witty observer mentioned that they had the video on a continuous loop just to savor McDaniels' quirky comparison. Another confessed that they half-expected Leslie Knope from the beloved TV show 'Parks and Recreation' to burst onto the scene at any moment, given the hilarity of the situation.


McDaniels chose NYC's first-ever "Anti-Rat Day of Action" as the stage for her unforgettable commentary. It's as if the universe conspired to grant this epic moment the spotlight it truly deserved. The city, it seems, is undergoing its most rat-infested year in history, much to the dismay of its residents who work, live, and play in legendary NYC. 

The "Anti-Rat Day of Action" itself was an attempt to wrestle the rat problem into submission. This initiative aimed to funnel additional funding into rat-infested boroughs, helping them wage a battle of wits against these pesky creatures. Mayor Eric Adams even chimed in, boasting about the city's progress in curbing the rat population by addressing the trash disposal habits of New Yorkers. Trash on curbs was down, rats were – well, hopefully – down even more.

But what's even more astonishing is how McDaniels' uproarious comparison caught the attention of an unexpected party: Crocs, the iconic shoe brand. Seizing the moment, the company rolled out a discount extravaganza that had social media buzzing. Crocs declared a 28% discount on its entire U.S. website, a deal available until 12:00 a.m. EST on Friday, Aug. 18, with the catchy code "crocsizedrats."

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As New York City continues to deal with record-breaking rats, at least it can find solace in a moment of laughter, sparked by a woman who saw the rat problem through the lens of, well, oversized footwear.

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