Louisiana keeps Waffle House locations packed any night of the week. The key word there is 'night' because we have a habit of going out and having a little too much fun, then ending our night at Waffle House to cure our ailments.

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One of the perks of going to Waffle House in the wee hours of the morning is that's typically when things go down. Ever heard someone say, 'Waffle House employees are built differently'? Well, it's probably in reference to videos like the one where an employee deflects a chair being thrown at them with one hand without hesitation.

'Birthday Tip' Gone Wrong

If you thought that was bold, wait until you hear what this Waffle House employee tried to pull in Tulsa. Police were alerted about a stolen white Jeep Liberty at the beginning of April of this year. Luckily, police were able to locate the Jeep and speak to the driver, Angela Harrison.

WAFB reported that when police inquired about the vehicle she was driving, she explained that she ran into one of her former customers from Waffle House at a gas station, and that's when she was gifted the Jeep along with 10 bucks as an early "Birthday Tip".

Now, as convincing as that story may be, the police were not buying it. The car had been reported missing before Christmas in 2023, and detectives provided Harrison with a photo of her driving the Jeep in January. Unfortunately, she was unable to explain how she could possibly be driving the Jeep in January when she had just received it an hour earlier.

Police arrested Angela Harrison for possession of a stolen vehicle and returned it back to the family who had reported it missing.

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