It was an exciting weekend at Evangeline Downs—if you were lucky enough to make it there.

Early last week we told you about the camel and zebra races that were headed to Evangeline Downs Racetrack & Casino and based on the size of the crowds it was an absolute hit; at least for those who were able to attend.

The draw of camels and zebras battling to the finish line was a lot bigger than most people assumed based on the amount of traffic that brought I-49 to a standstill leading up to the Creswell Exit.

If your timeline was anything like mine on Saturday night, you couldn't scroll without reading about someone who was either stuck in the traffic while traveling I-49 or upset because they couldn't get anywhere close to Evangeline Downs to see the camel and zebra races with their family.

For those who were able to get in, there was a very good chance they had to endure the crowds that were packed in at Evangeline Downs Racetrack and Casino to witness the silly races.

Once the races were able to begin, it was worth the wait for those who were lucky enough to have a seat in the stands. The animals were introduced before they raced down the track to the roaring crowds.

zebra race evangeline downs

I don't think anyone is keeping score, but camels seem to be the faster of the two animals (and a lot faster than I realized if we're being honest).

camel race evangeline downs

Were you able to check out the races this weekend? If not, stay tuned because I would be surprised if Evangeline Downs didn't bring this event back.

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