LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL News) - The election for Louisiana state races and Lafayette Mayor-President is over, and the administration is changing. Monique Blanco Boulet will be moving into the office after defeating incumbent Josh Guillory.

Boulet is also the first woman to ever hold the top office in Lafayette Parish.

Shortly after the all precincts came in, Boulet issued a statement:

I have to thank the voters most of all. We get to decide,” said Boulet. “ I am humbled. I will represent our entire community. People want a healthy economy for our families to grow it, and a safe community. I will represent everyone to solve our complex problems. It’s okay if we disagree. We will come up with solutions together. I ask each of you to walk that walk with me.

We will have a public accounting of the legal and financial decision at LCG. We will end the financial waste of fighting lawsuits. We will bring good jobs to Lafayette. We will unify our people.

The early vote Saturday night favored Boulet, and Guillory wasn't able to overcome the deficit.

Boulet garnered 25,134 votes or 52%, while Guillory captured 22,867 or 48%.

Prior to running for the seat, Boulet led the Acadiana Planning Commission where she worked with leaders from Acadiana parishes to improve economic development and quality of life for residents. She championed an effort to increase the broadband footprint and bring fiber to as many homes and businesses as possible in Lafayette and the surrounding areas.

Boulet ran her campaign on her leadership and business experience, noting her accomplishments with the Acadiana Planning Commission.

The race for Lafayette Mayor-President got very dirty, with Boulet accusing Guillory of corruption and Guillory pointing out that Boulet had only recently changed her party affiliation from Democrat to Republican.

Boulet is the daughter of late former Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco and late Raymond "Coach" Blanco. She and her husband David have been married for 30 years and are the parents of four children.

She will assume the position in January.

Boulet told supporters her team will have announcements about the formation of a Transition Committee for the public and the press soon.

This administration will be open, accessible, and transparent with the public and press. Our transition team will be run in the same manner as we seek input and involvement from everyone and prepare to take action as soon as I’m sworn in. We have a lot of work to do.

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