Louisiana is no stranger to weather events. People in other parts of the country often ask us how we can live here, given that from June to November, we are watching the tropics. Hurricanes don't scare the majority of us because we know how to prepare. In 2023, we did watch as parts of our state burned. Although fire officials say they deal with wildfires every year, 2023 was the year of heightened awareness, and it sparked (no pun intended) a fear in some of us we never knew existed.

Interestingly, the weather event that kills the most people, more than hurricanes, tornadoes, or lightning is HEAT! That's according to the National Weather Service.


 I asked my friends on social media what weather event they feared most. You might be surprised by some of the answers!

Most Feared Weather Events in Louisiana

An unscientific poll revealed that south Louisiana residents are most fearful of these weather events.

Gallery Credit: Tracy Wirtz

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