Despite a heat wave making things just a tad bit miserable outside, it's not unheard of to walk outside in your neighborhood to the smell of someone grilling or smoking something here in south Louisiana.

Summertime is barbecue time in the south, and we have a rich history from Texas to the Carolinas on so many different types and styles of barbecue, as well as what meats we're cooking.

But Louisiana cooking is already so unique from the rest of the country that you can imagine some of the things we're tossing on our grills will also be pretty different. So, we took to social media and asked what y'all are laying over the coals, and some of the answers didn't disappoint. Here's a look at some of the best responses and some of the best recipes for summertime barbecue in Lafayette.

The Most Cajun Things to Throw on the Grill This Summer

We like to do things differently in Louisiana, and when it comes to cooking we're no exception. Some folks even like to toss these non-conventional foods on the grill every now and then.

Yeah... some of those are weird, but who are we to judge? Try some of these out and let us know what you think!

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