There is a lot of great property in the state of Louisiana for sale, and while we've discussed a lot of great, interesting, and unique properties in the local area, there are some spots across the state that are just perfect - provided you can afford them.

Take, for example, this 66-acre beauty on the water in Lake Charles, Louisiana. This amazing piece of land can be yours... if you have $18 million.

Buying property on the water in Louisiana offers a unique and enticing opportunity for prospective homeowners. Louisiana's waterfront real estate is renowned for its charm, natural beauty, and cultural richness.

Almost all of Louisiana's waterways, including the Mississippi River, swamps, bayous, and lakes, provide picturesque views that are simply breathtaking. The sunsets reflecting off the water create a serene and visually stunning atmosphere.

You can get the same thing here.

The Most Expensive Property in Louisiana

66-acres of beautiful, undeveloped property in Lake Charles is perfect for your own little slice of Sportsman's Paradise.

Gallery Credit: Joe Cunningham

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