South Louisiana is known for its close knit families. Lafayette and all of Acadiana elevates that quality, and immediate family for us includes grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, and cousins. And don't try to tell us differently!

Becoming a grandparent is one of the best feelings in the entire world. You can't describe the feeling. I can tell you that, when my first grandbaby was born, I felt my brain ooze out of my ears. I melted.

Watching my husband with our grandchildren evokes a similar feeling. He interacts with them differently than I do, but they absolutely love their Poppa!


Poppa introduces our little guy to chickens and turkeys.
Poppa introduces our little guy to chickens and turkeys.

Why do they call him "Poppa?" Truthfully, because we threw it out there the day our first was born, and it just stuck.

Our little guy sure loves his Poppa. Look at that face!
Our little guy sure loves his Poppa. Look at that face!



One of his favorite things to do with the babies is watch football. A typical game usually ends in a nap for both of them!

Poppa loves to babysit!
Poppa loves to babysit!

Grandmothers in the 21st century spend a lot of time considering how they'd like the next generation to address them. Grandfathers, on the other hand, usually don't have much say in their new moniker. That spontaneity gives birth to some interesting results, especially in south Louisiana!

We asked and our listeners and Facebook followers answered. Here's a list of the most unique grandfather sobriquets you shared, in no particular order. You'll definitely spot some of the most Cajun options.

  • Grumpy, Grumps
  • Rocky
  • Happy
  • Cookie
  • GroPop
  • Papoo
  • Coco
  • Daddy Boy
  • Vieux Pop
  • BB
  • Granks
  • T-Pop
  • Opa
  • Grand Dude

The most popular grandfather names in Acadiana, according to our unofficial poll, fall in line with the ones that fall on the national lists. Paw Paw and Paw don't make the national lists, but they sure do top it for south Louisiana!

  1. Paw Paw or Paw Paw + man's name
  2. Pop Pop/ Papop
  3. Paw or Paw + man's name
  4. Grandpa
  5. Poppa/ Papa
  6. Pappy/ Pap
  7. Poppie/ Poppy
  8. P-Paw/ Pepaw

My husband, our Poppa, would likely tell you that he doesn't care what he's called. He calls himself one lucky guy.

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