Jake Paul and Tommy Fury have been all over social media for their anticipated fight on August 6 in Madison Square Garden, but it may not happen for a second time. Tommy Fury came down with a chest infection and was also trying to recover from broken ribs last December and forced Paul and his team to push the fight back.



Fast Forward to July, the fight is now in danger of being postponed again or canceled altogether due to the Irish mob.

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Tommy Fury and his brother Tyson Fury were denied entry into the United States because of a family member that is associated with a notorious Irish mob. Peter Fury, Tyson and Tommy's uncle, is labeled as the kingpin of a well-known Irish gang. (Peter Fury on right)


Shortly after being denied entry, Tommy took to Twitter to clear the air and state his disappointment. Tommy wasted no time in suggesting moving the fight out of the States. This was the statement Tommy posted to Twitter.

Jake Paul was not having any of Tommy Fury’s excuses and immediately chimed in on his  statement. Paul criticized Fury for being afraid to fight him and even suggested a change of scenery for the fight.

Fury did not like the amount of money offered by Paul and turned down the suggestion. Paul once again took to Twitter to criticize Fury for turning down his proposal.


After considering the possibility of moving the fight to another location, Paul officially sent Fury a termination letter. Paul is still looking to fight on August 6th but is now looking for a new opponent.

So, who is the most realistic replacement to fight Paul in August? There are a number of options that Jake Paul could try. Conor McGregor has been a high-profile target for Paul and his team, and the two have exchanged a lot of beef on Twitter.

McGregor v Cerrone
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With McGregor's contract with Dana White and the UFC, getting this fight would be a little tricky for Paul and his team. KSI, a popular Youtube, has also been a hot name in recent weeks. KSI also fought Jake's Brother, Logan Paul, twice and won the second by a split decision.

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This option is also a little tricky considering Logan and KSI are now business partners and don't want to risk their newfound relationship. With august 6h approaching fast, who do you think Jake Paul should fight?

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