The always vocal, but not always while sober, Jake 'The Snake' Roberts paid a visit to the Busted Open radio show and spoke candidly about his time in the WWE, his troubled past, his new sober existence and the fact he hasn't been included in the WWE Hall of Fame.

In regard to his absence from the Hall, Roberts commented that "If the Lord wants me to, and Vince McMahon wants me to, I'll go into the Hall of Fame. But, if it doesn't happen, that's okay, too." Roberts said he was appreciative of all the WWE gave him in his time with the company and that he's ashamed of himself for wasting the opportunity and his talent.

Jake also hinted that getting into the ring again, possibly for the WWE, is what he's working for right now.

"I'm at a good place in my life and I've got a lot of things that I want to accomplish before I leave this planet and one of them would be going into the Hall of Fame, sure. Another one would be to close my career the way I wanted to. To go back out there one last time. I pity the poor fools who get in my way, because that's what I'm working towards. I'm working towards going out the way I wanted to."

Is a Jake 'The Snake' return to the WWE a possibility? Time will tell.

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