I love vintage photos.

Did you know that Hulk Hogan once wrestled in the Blackham Coliseum? Well, he did and it was back in 1980.

The WWE Hall-Of-Famer performed under the alias "Incredible Hulk" at the time and on the night he performed in the Blackham Coliseum, the Hulkster wrestled Wahoo McDaniels. I am told that Hogan was disqualified in the match for throwing his opponent over the top rope.

Also on the card that night were legends like the Junkyard Dog, Ted DiBiase, The Freebirds, and many more. Ringside seats for the show in 1980 went for $8.00 and that was the most expensive ticket for the show.

Jonathan Duke shared this photo of Hulk Hogan or the "Incredible Hulk" from the Blackham Coliseum and even back then he appeared to be larger than life. Just look at the reaction of those behind him.

This is pretty cool and I'd encourage you to share this with other wrestling fans that you may know.

Jonathan Duke Facebook
Jonathan Duke Facebook


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