We’ve already shown you Jason Aldean‘s role in the new star-studded Mountain Dew commercial. But now, the ‘Fly Over States’ hitmaker is featured in a 18-second solo spot, during which he (quickly) talks about how he does country music. Or, should we say how he ‘Dews’ country music?

The short clip is devoted entirely to Aldean, who admits that he treats his live shows like a two-hour party. As if that’s any surprise! Dubbed over clips of Aldean jumping, kicking, and rocking out in front of his fans (who are rightfully going crazy from his star power), the country star says, “To me, being a musician is about giving those fans the best show I could possibly give them.”

That’s the country version of Mountain Dew’s ‘DeWeezy’ campaign, which was rolled out this year at South by Southwest. The entire campaign brings together hip-hop artists, country stars, NASCAR racers, skateboarders and snowboarders under one united cause: drinking Mountain Dew and how awesome it is. So far, the 30-second TV spot has been successful at bringing together people of all interests and backgrounds.

Lil Wayne, Mac Miller, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Paul Rodriguez Jr., Theotis Beasley and Danny Davis also appear in the full-length commercial, but this bit is solely Aldean — just like you like it.

Watch How Jason Aldean ‘Dews’ in New Mountain Dew Commercial