Taco Bell has had good success with their Doritos Loco Tacos which infused the tortilla chip flavors into their already delicious tacos.

Now apparently Mountain Dew is trying to get in on the action.

Mountain Dew was recently spotted at Kent State University in Ohio testing out a Doritos-flavored soda. There were little samples in cups that were called "Mountain Dew Dewitos".

The above picture is from a student who posted it online and had this to say about the concoction:

It honestly wasn't that disgusting.  It tasted like orange [soda] with a Doritos aftertaste.  It tasted like straight Doritos afterwards though.


For now, it's just in the testing stage. I guess if enough people give it the "it wasn't that disgusting" endorsement then it has a shot to make it to a store shelf near you!

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