Tomorrow is the big day we have all been waiting for for a very long time.  Jason Aldean is going to be singing his heart out at the Cajundome. Whether you have tickets in the pit, meet and greet passes, or your sitting in the nosebleed, you will be having a blast. I have compiled a quick Jason Aldean trivia, because I want you to be 100% ready!

If you know the answers to these 10 trivia questions, you are ready to see Jason Aldean.

1.) True or False? Did Jason Aldean write the song, "Even if I Wanted To?"
2.) True or False? Jason Aldean was discovered at a bar in Atlanta, GA.
3.) What was the name of Jason's first number one hit?
4.) "On his knees every night he prays, please let me crops and _____ grow."
5.) Which song contains the lyrics, "The sun has opened my eyes and I don't want to leave your side, for the lonesome road." ?
6.) Which song starts off, "It's 3 am and I finally say I'm sorry for acting that way."
7.) When did Jason Aldean first move to Nashville?
8.) When was Jason Aldean born?
9.) Which song contains the lyrics, "We hear folks in the city party in martini bars."
10.) What does the singer hate to do the most?

1.) True. He wrote the song with Justin Waver, and its on his album "Jason Aldean."
2.) True. A scout from Warner-Chappell offered him a job based on his song writing skills.
3.) Why. It was released on his first album, "Jason Aldean."
4.) children. Amarillo Sky song.
5.) Asphalt Cowboy.
6.) Why.
7.) 1998- he was 21 years old.
8.) February 28, 1977- his birthday is coming up!
9.) Hicktown.
10.) Talk on the phone.

I still can't believe we will see him here in Lafayette IN the Cajundome tomorrow night. Ah, dreams really do come true!


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