Lately, it seems like all the cool kids have something to say about Taylor Swift's '22' music video. Most recently, Jay Leno took a stab at using the '22' video to mock his own climbing age with a '63' parody.

Leno introduced his '63' video during an episode of 'The Tonight Show.' When a staged audience member asked if the popular talk show host would invite Swift to his show anytime soon, Leno jokingly accused Swift of stealing his idea in her '22' video.

"Taylor Swift is a very nice young woman, but I think she kinda copied my song," he said, before showing off his ideas of what it's like to be 63.

Similarly to '22,' the '63' clip kicks off with a group of people dancing in a kitchen. Except instead of cute hipsters fooling around with sunglasses and red lipstick, Leno's friends are...well...rather elderly. Leno proceeds to joke about wearing sweaters, checking blood sugar, dyeing gray hair and getting botox.

The talk show host goes on to sing about how many meds he and his friends are taking, as a group of 60-somethings pop pills in the background.

Leno goes as far as to wear red heart-shaped sunglasses and march in front of a white backdrop during the chorus, just like the 'Red' hitmaker does in her '22' video. Except some the lyrics to Leno's chorus are, "You don't know about me / But i'm turning 63 / Got more prescriptions and more colonoscopies."

As always, Swift was a good sport about the latest parody of '22.'

"The heart shaped glasses! The confetti! The dance party! @jayleno's '63' is SO worth watching," she tweeted, along with a link to the video.

A few weeks ago, '22' was redone from a 30-something's perspective. Leno's fellow late night talk show host Conan O'Brien offered his own '22' parody in bitter fashion, as well.


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