Slowly but surely every parish in Louisiana is getting a dot. The dots I am referring to are the ones placed on a map of the state by the Louisiana Department of Health every time a confirmed case of coronavirus is announced.

Up until late yesterday, Jeff Davis parish didn't have a dot. Late yesterday with the confirmation of the parish's first coronavirus case, a dot will be landing on the map in Jeff Davis parish following the LDH Noon update.

At last night's press conference held at Jennings American Legion Hospital, Louisiana Department of Health and Region 5 Medical Director Dr. Lacey Cavanaugh confirmed the case. However, very little information was given about the patient. We do know that the patient is currently not being treated nor at a hospital or nursing care facility. Nor, have they sought such treatment.

Louisiana Department of Health officials expects more cases to be confirmed not only in Jeff Davis parish but across South Louisiana and the rest of the state over the next several days. As more and more test results are coming back from the lab and more and more residents are being tested the increase in cases would stand to reason.

A spokesperson for the Jeff Davis Sheriff's Department says they will not only enforce the parish-wide curfew from 11 pm until 5 am each day but they will be working to enforce Governor Edwards' Stay-at-Home order as well.  Those who violate the curfew or the Stay-at-Home order could be subject to fines or possible jail time.


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