For those of us of a certain age the communication system between school and parents was kid delivered. If you're over 40 you probably remember having a teacher hand you a note that you were supposed to give to your parents.

It's a wonder my parents ever found out anything about what was going on at my school. I was that kid. The kid that the teacher actually had to pin the note to the shirt to make sure it got home.

These days school systems rely on modern technology and the speed of the internet to transfer information between school and home. Jefferson Davis Parish Schools have just relaunched their system's website. They say it will make it easier for parents to get school information and for educators to communicate with parents.

The newly redesigned websites have been in development for the past few months but are now ready for educators, students, and parents to check them out and use them frequently. The new design boasts a more modern look, easier navigation, and quicker access to information parents and students frequently look for.

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