Jennifer Nettles was showing off more than just her vocal range at Sugarland‘s West Palm Beach concert on Sunday night (July 29). The Grammy-winning singer revealed quite the baby bump when she walked on stage and grabbed a microphone. But if pregnancy has left Nettles feeling worn out, nobody at the show could tell — she and Kristian Bush, the other half of the duo, apparently put on an awesome set.

The country star and ‘Duets’ host — who announced her pregnancy in June — wore the perfect outfit to show off her newly-protruding baby bump, pairing lime green shorts with a flowy floral tank top. By our calculation, Nettles is about six months pregnant, and looking better than ever!

Although the ‘Baby Girl’ hitmaker (sorry, we couldn’t resist that joke) dished that she has been experiencing some odd cravings, she doesn’t seem to have gained any weight other than a few pounds from the tiny human growing inside of her. In a recent interview, Nettles, 37, said she’s been craving Mexican food and generally anything salty, spicy or tart since she finding out she is expecting. Apparently, sweets aren’t doing it for her these days, which is ironic considering her band’s name!

It has to be tough to continue Sugarland’s chaotic tour schedule as she grows more and more pregnant, but Nettles will have to hold tight for awhile, as the duo has a solid wall of shows planned through early September. At least her baby will come out already knowing all of Sugarland’s songs!

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