Strange times result in strange relationships. For example, I don't think any of us think of funeral homes when we think of establishments that offer drive-thru services. Well in these pandemic times where social distancing is not only encouraged but mandated one funeral home in Jennings is borrowing an idea from the fast-food industry.

Semien-Lewis Mortuary of Jennings has now installed a drive-thru/walk-thru viewing area so that mourners may pay their respects and still respect state-ordered health mandates because of the coronavirus threat.

The service allows mourners to remain in their vehicles and view the deceased without having to leave their cars. Should mourners want a closer view they may park their cars and walk up directly to the window.

Mary E. Semien, a Funeral Director at the facility told KPLC television,

We want to give family and friends the opportunity to view their loved ones and to provide a means for some sort of closure. We believe that this viewing option will provide a meaningful alternative for mourners to view their loved ones and pay their final respects.

Semien-Lewis Mortuary is located at 819 State Street in Jennings.


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