The weather has been warm. We have had many days of abundant sunshine and regular rainfall. Those are just the kind of conditions that marijuana plants need to thrive in Louisiana's subtropical climate. However, Louisiana law states that unless you're an authorized producer for the state's medical marijuana pharmacies, then growing pot is still against the law.

A Jennings man, William Horne, found that out Monday when Jennings Police arrested him and confiscated eight marijuana plants from behind his apartment. Police acted on a tip that a man was seen entering a wooded area behind Garret Lane Apartments. While investigating that tip, that's when authorities discovered the contraband plants in buckets.

When police searched Horne's apartment they found items that could be used in the cultivation of marijuana plants. He has been charged with that crime. As of now, no bond has been set for Horne. Officials in Jennings estimate the street value of the confiscated plants to be about $3,000.

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