Old buddies Lee Brice and Jerrod Niemann were both in Las Vegas for the ACMs over the weekend, and since Brice's wedding is coming right up, they thought it would be a good time for a big bachelor party. But far from a rip-roaring wild time, they ended up enjoying a fairly tame evening -- at least by the standards of their younger days.

"That's what we were supposed to do last night, but we never even left the casino," Niemann tells Taste of Country. "So I guess our partying days have peaked and we're on the other side."

Brice said in a radio interview last week that he was bringing his fiancee and their son to Vegas to relax, so maybe the conditions were less than ideal for a bachelor blowout. Whatever the reason, Niemann was expecting a little more action for his friend's final Sin City trip as a single man.

"We had a good time, but I thought we were gonna tear up the Strip, you know," he says. "But I think we all -- maybe we jumped the gun and pre-partied a little too much, and then we never left the building. Unlike Elvis."

Niemann adds that he absolutely plans to be there to support Brice at his wedding.

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