The Harlem Globetrotters are bringing their "Fans Rule" World Tour to the Cajundome this Sunday at 2pm.

To get everyone excited for the big game, the Globetrotters sent by one of their Ambassadors to the station yesterday to promote the event and spread some goodwill.

After the on-air interview, we just couldn't let our friend "Buckets" leave without letting him show us some tricks. Of course, everyone wants to be able to spin the ball on their finger!

So, Buckets grabbed the member of the morning show with the most basketball playing experience (you know, so as to not embarrass themselves) and proceeded to assist them with the ole spin the ball on the finger trick.

The following video is the nugget of gold we were able to produce from Jill "The Almost Invisible" Intern's mad skills with the round rock. Enjoy, kids!