Fox NFL studio analyst — and former two-time Super Bowl-winning coach — Jimmy Johnson is always in postseason form, especially his hair.

Normally Johnson is debating game plans with Howie Long, making fun of Terry Bradshaw or wondering if Jay Glazer's whole head would fit inside the hiatus in Michael Strahan's grill. Recently, Johnson sat down for a whisky with late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel to answer "3 Ridiculous Questions" and we're very disappointed. WHAT!?! Not one ExtenZe question? C'mon Kimmel, you want to know if the coach goes 'long'-er than his former boss Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys.

Regardless, that's a whole lot of Jimmy in that video. When Kimmel and Johnson drink to Jimmys at the end of the clip, they probably aren't drinking to (one of Kimmel's late night rivals) Jimmy Fallon or NASCAR's Jimmie Johnson, whose five consecutive Cup series titles nearly relegated coach Jimmy to being the 'other' Johnson. Whether it's in the bedroom or the locker room, NO ONE wants to be known as 'the other Johnson.'

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