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Did You Know Ross Marquand, Aaron From ‘The Walking Dead’, Is An Amazing Impressionist? [Video]
I've always enjoyed, and have been fascinated with good impressionists. Like a great painter, they just hear details in people's voices that most people don't. I've been a big fan of Ross Marquand, "Aaron" from "The Walking Dead" since he appeared on the show, but I had no clue he did impressions. Not only does he do impressions, but he does a lot of them, and is insanely good at it.
Watch Jim Carrey Give Innocent People ‘Dumb and Dumber’ Haircuts
"Everybody wants one!" In celebration (maybe?) of this week's long-in-the-making 'Dumb and Dumber,' star Jim Carrey decided to really spice up his appearance last night on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live.' More precisely, he really wanted to Lloyd it up, doling out hideous Lloyd Christmas-styled bowl cuts to the good people of Hollywood Blvd. How could this possibly go wrong?

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