Like it or hate, Artificial intelligence, or AI, is really just getting cranked up. Clearly, it's nothing new, but the overall technology needed to run it is becoming more commonplace and obtainable. What does this mean when it comes to our jobs? Well...

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Jobs That AI Will Replace

Many people believe that possibly, in less than 100 years, humans won't actually work anymore. Every career and industry that occupies our every waking moment will be done by computers and AI.

All the human race will have to do is...well, whatever we want to do as long as we're not harming other people and things.

With every minute the clock ticks, it seems like we're barreling toward that belief.

Just think of how computers and robots have impacted the workplace in only the past 20 years. It's not that hard to envision a time somewhat soon when almost every job we perform today will and can be replaced by artificial intelligence.

Technology is developing at breakneck speeds and it will only get faster and better, for better or worse.

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The folks at have compiled a list of jobs that AI is most likely to replace.

1. Tech jobs (Coders, computer programmers, software engineers, data analysts)

2. Media jobs (advertising, content creation, technical writing, journalism)

3. Legal industry jobs (paralegals, legal assistants)

4. Market research analysts

5. Teachers

6. Graphic designers

Crazy right? But, the more you think about it, the more it seems reasonable that these jobs could definitely be replaced by AI.

There are more jobs at risk of becoming extinct, and you can take a look over at

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Jobs That AI Will Replace By 2030

This list is a bit more unnerving and immediate.

Take a breath. has come up with five jobs they say won't exist by 2030.

That's only seven very short years from now.

"As many as 800 million global jobs and 475 million employees could be disrupted by automation before 2030."

Breathe...keep breathing.

The 5 jobs believes will be gone by 2030 -

1 Travel agent

2. Taxi drivers

3. Store cashiers

4. Fast Food Cooks

5. Administrative Legal Jobs

They've also broken down what jobs they think are most likely to never be replaced. Read more at

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