Gadgets Your Secret Inner Geek Has Got To See [Photos]
A recent survey tell us the term "geek" is no longer an insult. In fact thanks to the technology boom it's more of a compliment. I don't consider myself to be a geek. When it comes to technology I would the be opposite of a computer geek, an old white guy who doesn't…
IBM Taking on Jeopardy Champs
Jeopardy! has always been a favorite game show of mine. I have a vast knowledge of nothing in particular so the show suits my limited brain power perfectly. I don't think I could ever win, but I still love to play along. Now the Jeopardy team is really going for the smarty pants award taking on…
Jeopardy : Humans Vs Computers
I love Jeopardy, maybe it's because I think I am smart and Jeopardy gives me the chance to prove that as long as no one else is in the room. I have often wondered how the human brain would compete in this battle of wits if it were to take on a computer, we are about to find out !