I have been functioning on this planet as a semi-professional child for more than 50 years. I have experienced Christmas from both sides of the tree if you know what I mean? I have experienced the wonder and amazement as a child. I have lived the frustration as a sleep-deprived parent on Christmas morning too. I hope you'll take my suggestion to heart because they will only improve the Christmas gift giving/receiving experience at your house by a lot.


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    Staff Photo

    Get Yourself Some Cheaters

    By "cheaters" I don't mean go out and look for adulterers on Christmas Day. I mean get yourself a pair of magnifying reading glasses. Even if you don't normally need them,  you'll love being able to see those tiny pieces, parts, and screws a little better. Especially since the only lights, your spouse will allow being illuminated are on the tree.

  • Jerry's View via YouTube
    Jerry's View via YouTube

    Secure Some Tiny Screwdrivers

    I have found that as I've gotten older the screws used to hold toys together or keep batteries in their place have gotten even smaller than I remembered. So, take your cheaters, and get yourself a small flat head and small Phillips screwdriver set. Keep it hidden from everyone else so you'll know where to find it Christmas Morning.

  • Stephen Lam/ Getty Images
    Stephen Lam/ Getty Images

    Update Computers Before Christmas Morning

    If you're tech-savvy enough and you're giving the gift of a new computer this Christmas please do this before Christmas morning. Take the computer carefully out of the box. Plug it in and connect it to your home wi-fi, printer, or any other network connections you deem necessary. Also, run any updates on software the machine might need before use. It's a lot more fun to use a new computer Christmas morning than it is to wait for a new computer to update and connect on Christmas morning.

  • Oleksiy Mark, ThinkStock
    Oleksiy Mark, ThinkStock

    Install Or Charge Batteries Ahead Of Time

    Again this might require you opening the box very carefully and then repackaging the item. But trust me, it's worth it. No kid wants to wait for Mom or Dad to put in the batteries. No person wants to wait three or four hours to use their new device because it's charging. Do all of that stuff ahead of time, skip the headaches, and go right to the operator errors.

  • Review singh via YouTube
    Review singh via YouTube

    Fill Out Warranty And Registration Info

    In the rush and crush to get items out of the box and in use on Christmas morning most kids will skate right on past the warranty and registration information. I always liked to collect that information from the package ahead of time if possible. This way you can fill the forms out at your leisure and you know your product is protected from the mayhem that often ensues when bows, ribbons, and wrapping paper starts flying around the room.

  • Facts.via YouTube
    Facts.via YouTube

    Pop Tarts And Eggos

    If you have smaller children Christmas morning will come early. In order to keep the frustration, tears, and overall angst down to a minimum make sure you and the little ones have something to snack on.  Since that Fat Butt Santa usually eats all of the cookies I find that snacks like Pop Tarts and Eggo Frozen Waffles make a great bridge between just waking up and finally eating real breakfast which will come later in the morning.

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