If you just listen to this video you might have a little trouble figuring out whether it was from the late 1960's or from just a few days ago. It seems the problems of society never seem to change.

The older generation doesn't feel the youth of today understand the struggles they went through to give them the advantages they now have. The youth of today see the older generation as set in their ways and unbending against the inevitable change that life will bring.

What's odd is that both sides are probably right and the truth lies somewhere in the middle of the conversation. We older folks don't quite get the generation that's called Millennials and the Millennial generation see us more for what we aren't than what we are. It truly is the circle of life.

This video is from a TV police drama called Dragnet. It was classic TV when I was a kid and it just goes to show you that a good story with good writing can more than stand the test of time. By the way we really did dress like that in the 60's.


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