They can't be responsible for everything that's bad, can they? I am pretty sure the much-maligned generation that we have chosen to place under the socio-economic grouping known as millennials would agree. Still another bastion of iconic American culture is suffering at the hands and tastes of America's younger generation.

Makers of canned tuna say that over the past 30 years they have seen a decline of almost 42% in their total sales. They blame the significant sales loss on the millennial generation. 

It seems the younger folks aren't content with a can a tuna and a sleeve of crackers and calling it lunch. They want fresher healthier options. So the canned tuna companies are having to branch out from their tried and tested combinations of tuna in spring water and or oil.

Many of the most famous names in canned tuna, Starkist, Bumble Bee, and Chicken of the Sea are experimenting with more and different flavors packed with their tuna inside a stay fresh pouch. The reason the pouch is so popular? Studies have shown that many millennials don't own a can opener.

Personally, I don't see how you can blame millennials on this one. Many products have changed significantly from generation to generation. I think the tuna people were just late to the party when it came to getting out in front of the nation's changing tastes. Besides, being left-handed and all, I hate can openers too.

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