John Schneider, who is a Louisiana resident and current cast member of season 27 on 'Dancing with the Stars' has seen his share of legal problems this year. And they might not be over. Evidently, a wage garnishment order was issued by the court to help alleviate the alimony debts owed by Schneider to his ex wife Elvira after their divorce.

Schneider was found guilty of contempt earlier this year for failing to pay $185,000 in back alimony, and said he did not have the money to avoid being jailed. He ended up in jail anyway, but was released hours later. He was originally ordered to pay $18,000 a month in support in 2016.

Schneider's partner on the wildly popular talent show is Emma Slater, and so far they have survived three weeks in the competition. Typically each cast member makes about $100,000 for appearing on the show, with more money added each week that they are not eliminated. Let's hope this can help him clear his debt so he can get back to work at his movie studio in Holden, La.

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