A little over a year ago, I made a video about Joli Road in Carencro showing just how bad it was. It could very well be the worst road in Acadiana.

We even got to discussing the topic on the air, and many folks agreed, while others pointed out other rough roads in the area. This is Louisiana, and we know how terrible the roads are here.

But I stumbled across some good news yesterday. I might even go as far as calling this "miraculous" information.

Jolie Road is getting repaved! Yes, I know, it's a Christmas miracle.

Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory shared the good news on Facebook yesterday.

Lafayette Parish Councilman for District 1 Bryan Tabor chimed in too with the good news.

Well it's finally happening. Joli Road is getting repaved. Thanks to all involved for their hard work, all the way from the state level to the local levels.

As I mentioned last year in my story about Joli Road, it has been a patch job mess for many years now. It's been so bad for so long that some of the residents put up signs proclaiming what a farce this road has become.

Hopefully, after the road gets re-done, residents can rejoice about their fancy new road (and the kids can maybe even ride their bikes).

Actually, residents are already rejoicing. One Facebook comment on Mr. Tabor's page stated: "Oh, YES! Thank you! My car thanks you! My family thanks you!"

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