What you've just seen is real. It's the kind of craziness you can expect when you visit Tiki Tubing in Denham Springs. I don't think the guy in the video is a real dinosaur from Jurassic Park but we did not do a DNA test on him.

If you've never been for a long lazy float down the Amite River then you're missing out on one of South Louisiana's greatest day trips. This adventure is perfect two or twenty-two. Adults and kids can all have a blast and how much energy you want to expend is totally up to you.

Think of it this way. It's like a day at the beach without having to wait three hours to get through the tunnel at Mobile Alabama. You have warm sunny skies to help you with your tan. You have lots of cold water to help you beat the heat. You can bring an ice chest with drinks and snacks to float along down the river with you too.

The thing I like about tubing this way is that you throw away the clock. Your float can be as long or as short as you care to make  it. If you want to stop and have a picnic on a sandbar you can. If you want to float on through you can do it just a few hours. I think Tiki Tubing is one Acadiana's best-less-than-two-hours-from-here-getaways.

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