Members of the Kaplan City Council met last night. One of their agenda items might not seem like such a big deal to someone who isn't from around here. However, for a lot of South Louisiana residents, the right to raise and keep chickens is simply part of our way of life.

Those chicken keeping rights were clarified for residents of the city of Kaplan following last night's council meeting. The council adopted legislation that will not outlaw the raising and keeping of chickens within city limits but it does place certain limitations on those who like to raise their own.

The Kaplan ordinance does not limit the number of birds that may be housed at a single location. It also does not allow for limiting the number of roosters per flock. What the ordinance does provide for is this. No longer will chickens be allowed to roam freely. They must be properly confined in a cage or coop.

The ordinance states that each animal should have at least two square feet. That would mean a property owner wanting to maintain a flock of six birds would need a confined space that is at least 12 square feet.

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