You've probably heard of all the problems that several Louisiana schools have been facing with bat infestations. Well, one Lafayette school, Alice Boucher Elementary, has a chicken infestation. Don't worry, it's not a bad infestation, the chickens are actually part of a brilliant idea by the faculty and administration to get more kids into the school's library.

The school's principal, Catherine Guillory, brought eleven eggs into the library. The eggs were placed in a glass case and students were encouraged to observe and make notes on the progress of the growth of the baby chicks.

Guillory even brought in a candler so that the kids could see the development of the chicks through the shells. As you might imagine this sparked a lot of interest in chickens. The students read stories about chickens and how to care for chickens once they've hatched.

The school's library is now home to eleven fuzzy baby chicks and many students who now know more about how chickens, eggs, and the proper care of newborn chicks. As far as we know the students were not able to ascertain which came first, the chicken or the egg, but you can rest assured they will be working hard to answer that question.

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