Halloween. My favorite holiday. There's just something about expecting everyone to be in costume, getting candy, and overall mischief.

In recent years, the house/yard Halloween decorations have stepped up their game. There are some absolutely jaw-dropping displays throughout October.

Some decorations aren't very well perceived. There are many reports of people's Halloween decorations being reported and being taken down...seemingly for no reason. Full Karen behavior.

Speaking of Karen...one yard in Washington was forced to take down their decoration. Can you guess why?

Yeah, the story speaks for itself, honestly.

According to KIMA, this display was on Prosser, Washington city-owned property but was taken down after complaints that the display was done in "poor taste" -- including social media posts claiming the display made fun of "certain women"

.....you serious, though?

The Halloween display featured a scarecrow wearing a “Can I speak to the manager?” t-shirt and a “Karen” nametag.

Is that not funny? Karen isn't a race of people. There are male Karens (commonly known as Kens)

I feel like the only people offended are...wait for it...Karen's. So do many other people.

Kaylin King

What do you think? Is this too ironic to be news? Is this a massive prank? Or is this where we are headed?


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