When ESPN’s new series ‘Rise Up’ debuts in September, there will be a familiar voice singing the theme song.

Kenny Chesney wrote and performed the song, marking the first time the country superstar and avid football fan has ever written a song for TV. It’s not the first time he’s collaborated with ESPN, though — he previously produced and co-directed a documentary on 1970s University of Tennessee quarterback Condredge Holloway called ‘The Color Orange’ that aired on the network, and last year he produced a documentary on high school football called ‘The Boys of Fall.’ Chesney himself played football and baseball in high school.

‘Rise up’ documents efforts in four underprivileged communities to upgrade their local high school’s athletic facilities. The series, which debuts September 13, spotlights communities in  Boston, Seattle, Chicago and Wellston, Ohio. ESPN says it hopes to expand it to six yearly installments next year.

This has got to be one of my favorite songs by Kenny! I'm excited for him, and most importantly, It's for a good show that is making a good cause!